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Take your online business to the next level with iHosts' VPS hosting. Pure SSD setups, server management, and more, all on a high-performance network.

  • Change hostname
  • Change root password
  • Change VNC/console password
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  • Set Reverse DNS
  • API Access
  • Manage Backups

Why Choose Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

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Offers the ability to oversee a hosting environment. Also, if you plan to install applications that need you to perform a system restart to finalise the installation.

Dedicated resources

With a VPS Server, you have a predefined amount of RAM available to you whenever you need it. In contrast to shared web hosting, where it does not.


Another great thing about VPS is that you can purchase the resources you think you will need, and if that’s insufficient, you can simply increase its size.

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VPS style hosting is the best way to keep up the success of any site going through rapid growth and expansion. It’s the next best plan that can afford some form of scalability.

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