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Dedicated Server Reseller

With our reseller hosting program, you can become a reseller of low-cost dedicated servers in just a few minutes. There is no need to make deposits or to pay signup fees.We’ll provide technical support to your customers on behalf of your brand 24/7/365. If you need help managing your store, you can contact our reseller support team around the clock as well.

Dedicated Server Reseller For Your Own Needs

If you need a dedicated server for your own needs, you can get any of our dedicated servers at a preferential price. We offer three different lines of dedicated servers: Intel Atom-based configurations (SSD/HDD-based) for users who are about to venture into the world of non-shared hosting solutions; first-class, HDD-furnished, AMD Opteron-powered machines and top-notch, SSD-equipped, Intel Xeon-driven setups.

Managed Services

Thanks to the root access that we provide with each configuration, you’ll be able to install and set up additional software on your server whenever you need to. If, however, server administration is not within the scope of your competence, you can take advantage of our Managed Services package, which includes weekly OS updates, monitoring & rebooting procedures, installation & troubleshooting procedures, complemented by 50GB of backup space.

Managed Services-Trust the Proffessionals

Our Managed Services are designed for those of you who need the resources of a dedicated server, but do not have the skills or the time needed to maintain the machine on your own. You will have a technician assigned to monitor the server 24/7 and to take care of all server maintenance procedures in order to ensure maximum online security for your online/offline projects.Each package includes off-site backups, weekly OS updates, server monitoring and rebooting procedures, as well as software installation and troubleshooting procedures.

Backup Space (50GB)

Taking care of the content on your server is crucial. We offer a secure off-site location where you will be able to store a backup of your files and databases. With 50GB of disk space available to you, you can set up regular backups and have all your files.

Weekly OS Updates

If you want to focus more on developing your website and on running your business, you will have very little time for routine server management. We can take the load off your shoulders and sysadmins will update the OS on a weekly basis for you.

Monitoring & Rebooting

A dedicated server requires constant attention.To save you the time required to perform server monitoring procedures, we can take care of this cumbersome task for you. We have an advanced monitoring system already deployed in all data centers, which allows us to closely monitor all services on any server in our network. Our well-trained admins monitor the system 24/7/365.

Installation & Troubleshooting

If you want to create a special type of website, which requires specific modules and scripts to be present on your server, or to install a new Control Panel or even a whole new Operating System (OS), our sysadmins can perform any of these tasks for you. With the Installation & Troubleshooting service, you can have the full and undivided attention of our sysadmins and they can help you handle any software-related task.

Semi-Dedicated Servers Reseller

With Resellers Panel’s reseller hosting program, you can become a reseller of discounted semi-dedicated servers in a matter of minutes.There are neither signup fees to pay, nor deposits to make, all you need is to sign up.There is no need to invest in web design services either. With our 100% responsive and fully customizable Store Master template, you can launch your unique hosting store quickly and trouble-free. We will provide technical support to them on behalf of your brand 24/7/365.

Discounted Semi-Dedicated Servers For Your Own Needs

If you need a semi-dedicated server for your ever-growing websites busines, you can get any of our discounted semi-dedicated server packages at a wholesale price for your own needs. Our semi-dedicated servers are intended for those of you who need more resources for your ever-growing websites. By moving from a cloud hosting account to a semi-dedicated server, you will be having benefits from generous unlimited CPU allocations and database query quotas.

Discounted Semi Dedicated Server

We will take care of the server’s configuration and stability, while you can take advantage of the included SSH access to perform key management operations on your end. If you need help managing your server, our technical support staff will be at your disposal 24/7/365 at no additional cost.

Our in-house built, multilingual Web Hosting Control Panel is included in all semi-dedicated hosting plans for free. It has a user-friendly point-and-click interface, which will make managing your sites and hosting resources a breeze.

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