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How to Add a cPanel em...

You can add a cPanel email account to your Apple IOS mobile and be able to automatically check emails in a specific time or manually do it. You can get a new email notification on your email. 1. Open the main screen of your Apple Mobile and click on the “Mail” Icon. 2. Select the […]

How to Create Email Ac...

To create a new email address, perform the following steps: 1. Log into your cPanel account. 2. In the “Email” section, click on “Email Account” Icon. 3. Enter the email address that you wish to create, such as “my-first-email“. (If you manage more than one domain, select the appropriate domain from the menu.) 4. Enter […]


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How to run AutoSSL on ...

If your domain is created recently, wait for a few hours so that the cPanel can automatically install an SSL on your domain. However, even after 24 hours, if an SSL is not installed on your domain, first check the last log of AutoSSL from cPanel >> SSL/TLS Status >> Certificate Status. If it is […]


How to Add a cPanel em...

You can add a cPanel email account to your Android mobile using the built-in email application. You do not need to use any external application from Google Play. 1. Open your android mobile, go to the main menu and the “Settings” options, and under the “Accounts” option, tap on “+ Add Account“. 2. Now tap […]